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Gin Tasting Event

Friday 28th April at 7:15pm

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Gin Tasting Event

Friday 28th April at 7:15pm

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inn at home Growler experience

Our growlers are 64oz and will keep your keg beer fresh for up to 21 days if unopened or drink within 3 days once you have broken the seal.


We always have fresh beers on which we change weekly.


Think of a growler as an investment, a one off cost of £10.99 and then going forward you only pay for the refill.


Cask beer can be purchased in either the growler or in a container this is fresh beer at its best it remains alive and kicking until it hits your glass.


We also offer a range of from the box ciders too.


As with all our fresh cask, keg or boxed beers or ciders the range is constantly changing so contact your local inn at home for the most up to date choices.