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How to buy beer for Dad

How to buy beer for Dad

We are blessed with so many supreme gin producers, start with Dorking's delightful Dancing Dragontail, how about this for their description... Fragrant lanterns rise Through a dancing citrus mist Sips of silken dew.

With Father's Day now less than a month away it's a perfect time to start thinking beer. What puts a bigger smile on the face of thousands of Dads more than a gift of beer from his pride and joy?

It's definitely a gift of choice for many but with so many styles available where do you start? Beer is personal, one man's  bitter is another man's sour and often ne'er the twain shall meet.  That's where we come in so whether your shopping in store or online we're always happy to help. Online shoppers in need of inspiration email us at info@innathome.co.uk and we'll point you towards some perfectly crafted beers in a style to make Dad smile. Store regulars.. you already know we do it so well so look forward to seeing you soon.

We can work with little or no response to the first question we ask 'what type of beer does he like?', but, if you have a little insight it's a real help and easier to delight so here's a few tips. You'll enjoy finding out too.

  • Do a bit of research - just knowing his 'usual' tipple is enough to get us started, it'll tell us the brewery and give us an idea on style. Don't be shy, ask your Mum, check the fridge and the man cave for clues.
  • Know your Dad
    • Is he strong, reliable and steadfast in his devotion to a certain style; think traditional bitter, stout, pale or golden ale maybe, or perhaps is he devoted to IPA?
    • Is he carefree and creative, always looking for a new taste bud experience, willing to try anything from crazy cans to fruity sours?
    • Is he thoughtful and reflective and likely to relax and pontificate of an evening whilst enjoying a strong and flavoursome Belgian brew?
    • Is he a never stop go getter with a thrills and spills approach to life who grabs his skateboard to live the dream at every spare moment?  If so he's likely to love hops too.
    •  Is he a collector, religiously listing every beer he tastes, if so he'll be keen to receive new brews.
    • Is he a traditionalist, regular as clockwork and passionate about classic ales?
  • Have a budget - we can find you a perfect gift whatever your budget, from a single bottle to a beautiful gift set or one of our ever popular 'bags of beer'.
  • Don't be intimidated - there's a huge selection, but it's only beer and it's a gift from you and you know, of course that he's going to love it.

Hope our beery tips help but if they haven't we love a simple 'can you pick me some beers for Dad?' challenge and, naturally, we want him to be as thrilled with his gift of beer as much as you.

Always drink well, always drink responsibly,